Everyday life/Short Film, Germany 2006

The smallest company is the family. What if you only looked at this company from an economic point of view? What if the family suddenly dismissed its members in order to be able to operate more effectively? (Source: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation) This amusing, and equally enlightening and frightening short film was part of “Do what you want”, which was the result of a short film competition announced in 2006 by the Federal Cultural Foundation, Hamburg Short Film Agency and ZDF / arte: "When asked about the future of our working world, we had to respond with original ideas and visions. The spectrum of submissions ranged from descriptions of the current state to counter-design documentation and fictional future forecasts. OUTSOURCING by Markus Dietrich and Hanna Reifgerst, for example, transfers the outsourcing of production steps to the smallest company: the family."


Milano Filmfestival Camera del Lavoro Award
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation 2007 Murnau Short Film Award

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Markus Dietrich


Gesa Badenhorst (Mother)

Frank Röth (Father)

Annekathrin Wittig (Gabi)

Tom Siegert (Thomas)

Shirin Kühn (Maria)

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1.85:1 SD, Color

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Starting at 10 years

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